He’s got you covered

“DaVapes is the company you want on hand to advise on all your e-cig needs. Whether you’re vaping, vossiping, vorking or vooping, Dave has got you covered.” -FF


Fantastic service

“I was new to vaping and had no idea what I wanted. Luckily a friend introduced me to Davapes. Dave was very kind and patient with me. He asked me questions aboutRead More…



“Was looking to get into RDA and luckily was introduced to Davapes by a friend.  Dave patiently helped me choose a setup that worked for me, and had great prices as well.  DaveRead More…


Solid all around

“Being in China, you expect some difficulties.  Vaping was no different.  For a long time, all I could find were overpriced mall shops offering low quality juices and “my-first-e-cig” style pens andRead More…